Interpet - Aqualibrium First Aid Salt Additive - 265g

Interpet - Aqualibrium First Aid Salt Additive - 265g


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Aqualibrium First Aid Salt - 265g

This must be one of the most helpful treatments for any aquarium-keeper to have on-hand.

A healthy salt/fluid balance is crucial to a fish's wellbeing. When stressed or sick, the salt/fluid balance can be disturbed which further threatens the fish's health.

Aqualibrium First Aid Salt is a unique physiological salt formula which helps freshwater fish maintain a constant internal salt-fluid balance.
Aqualibrium First Aid Salt additive is an incredibly versatile water treatment and can be used in a number of ways:
• As a general aquarium tonic
• As a mild pH buffer to support a healthy balance
• To help minimise the physiological effects of stress on your fish 
• As a supportive measure when treating diseases creating a happier healthier aquarium community

To reduce the toxicity of Nitrite
Use to support your aquarium community's immune system to minimise the effects of fish stress and when using medical treatments.