Cow Ear - Dog Chew - per chew

Cow Ear - Dog Chew - per chew
Cow Ear - Dog Chew - per chew
Cow Ear - Dog Chew - per chew
Cow Ear - Dog Chew - per chew
Cow Ear - Dog Chew - per chew
Cow Ear - Dog Chew - per chew

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Cows Ears are the ultimate low fat, healthy long-lasting dog chew. They are a wonderful alternative to dental sticks and chews. We air dry our Cows Ears to lock in all the flavour and goodness. These natural dog chews are also a great source of protein.

  • 100% European produce – we carefully source our cows ears from European produces to ensure quality
  • 100% Natural dog chew – 100% cows ears with nothing added and nothing taken away making these long-lasting dog chews a great choice for dogs with allergies
  • Naturally low in fat – Cows Ears are a great alternative to Pigs Ears if your dog’s weight is a concern. They are the perfect natural dog chew if your pet is on a low fat diet
  • Dental health – Dogs adore gnawing on our Cows Ears which helps maintain good oral health. Dental plaque gets loosened and removed when dogs chew on our Cows Ears
  • No odour and no grease – Our Cows Ears are air-dried so there is no grease and very little if any odour either

These natural dog chews are suitable for puppies and dogs from 8 weeks of age although we always recommend supervising your dog, regardless of age, when eating any kind of treat. We also recommend that dogs always have free access to fresh, clean water.

Health & Nutrition

Food Type
Chew Rating
Primary Ingredients
Region of Origin

Free From
Additives, Flavourings, Gluten, Grain

Ingredients: 100% Cows Ears

Healthier alternative to
Rawhide Chews
Natural alternative to
Dental Sticks
Age Suitability
8 weeks+
Low Fat 
Shelf Life
18 months
Low Odour 
Oils & Fats 
Puppy Friendly