Komodo - Calcium Supplement With Vitamin D3 - 105g

Komodo - Calcium Supplement With Vitamin D3 - 105g


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Komodo Vitamin D3 Calcium Supplement 105g –

Specifically developed to ensure it delivers every major vitamin and mineral required.

This will help to build a healthy hatchling and maintain an active adult.

With calcium and Vitamin D3 to ensure strong bone growth. Micro-milled to ensure maximum adhesion to feeder insects.

It is a superior high potency product designed to help provide a balanced diet. Specifically formulated to also aid in the prevention of conditions such as Metabolic Bone Disease, soft shell and other nutritional disorders.

Developed with the assistance of veterinary medical research and professional herptoculturilists. Expressly designed to provide safe and effective levels of D3 also with a broad spectrum of additional vitamins and calcium for the widest range of reptiles and amphibians.

Particularly recommended by herpetologists for use with many species of tortoise.

Size: 105 g

Komodo is a world leading brand in reptile and amphibian care products. Based in the UK, Komodo has built its reputation on delivering responsible reptile care. With an ever expanding range of ethical, well researched products for reptile keepers at all levels, from novices and hobbyists to breeders and professional Herpetologists.

The Komodo reptile care range is also one of the most comprehensive available. This includes everything from starter kits, habitats and housing, to heating, lighting, substrates, accessories, food and supplements.