Ancol - Naturespaws Echinacea Leaves - 100g

Ancol - Naturespaws Echinacea Leaves - 100g


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Naturespaws Simply Leaves – Echinacea Leaf is a 100% pure echinacea leaf treat that has a tasty nutrient boost and is naturally high in fibre to aid digestion whilst also being delicious to nibble.

Ancol’s Naturespaws range are 100% pure treats that contain no fillers, preservatives or colourants. Ancol believes in letting you know exactly what you’re feeding your pet, that is why they make their products from 100% natural and pure ingredients.

These treats are also suitable for reptiles such as tortoises, bearded dragons and iguanas.

  • 100% pure echinacea leaf
  • Encourages your pet’s natural instinct to forage
  • High levels of fibre to aid digestion
  • A tasty nutrient boost
  • Contains no fillers, preservatives or colourants
  • Resealable pack

Contents: 100g


This product is designed to be offered as a treat for your Small Pet, as part of a complete and balanced diet and should be offered only occasionally.

Due to the fibre content, offer sparingly to Rats.